Best Beers

Best Beers of Vermont

Vermont is known for its craft beers. However, these beers are not just famous for their taste; their authenticity and artistic quality add to the value.

If you think about what artistic value a beer could possess, here we provide a list of the best beers in Vermont that say why they are of value.

Here they are:

Fiddlehead Second Fiddle

The Fiddlehead is famous among all beer drinkers. The beer is juicy with a citrusy, dank flavor. The Second Fiddle is an extra dry-hopped imperial IPA. It carries the love of Vermont in its fresh-cut grass taste, grapefruit, tangerine, caramelized pineapple, and floral notes.

Fiddlehead Second Fiddle

The Alchemist Heady Topper

The Alchemist Heady Topper is born from the love of The Alchemist’s John Kimmich. It has a hazy, juicy flavor borrowing fruity bits from tangerine, grapefruit, mango, and pineapple. It is also malty with caramel, herbal, and earthy with dank pine needle notes.

Switchback Ale

The Switchback Ale is Vermont’s “#1 draft beer.” It is simple and sweet (metaphorically, otherwise balanced perfectly by light bitter hops). It has a wet grass smell to refresh and a mix of bready malts, sweet caramel, dried fruits, pine, and herbal flavors.

Grass Roots Brother Soigné

Grassroots Brewing is a part of the legendary Hill Farmstead Brewery. Their Brother Soigné is a Saison, eminent for its tart flavor thanks to the blood orange, hibiscus, and lime added during fermentation.

Zero Gravity Green State Lager

The Lager is one name that comes first in everyone’s mind when they think of a well-crafted beer. Vermont can be famous for its Lagers Zero Gravity Green State Lager occupies an inevitable place because of its crisp, easy-drinking flavor. The Noble hops, or the most sought-after hops, add flavor to the beer together with Pilsner malts.

Foam Brewers Built to Spill

The Foam Brewers’ Built to Spill is a juicy beer. It is ripe with pineapple, citrus peels, and tropical fruits. The notes include lemon zest, fruits, bready malts, and grassy, herbal hops.

Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine

The Sip of Sunshine is indeed like sipping sunshine. The beer is of sunshine color with a mix of tropical fruits and citrus zest making justice to the name. It smells like a sunny day with freshly cut grass and piney, floral, and herbal hops notes.

Lawson’s Finest Sip of Sunshine

Hill Farmstead Edward

Hill Farmstead is the Big Brother of not only Vermont brewing but also American brewing. As serious as it sounds, the beer can looks fresh out of a Bond movie. But, the beer combines its style with traditional and country flavors. Hence it has found a place in all American homes and hearts, and thus the next-door name Edward. It is a 5.2% ABV American pale ale of Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe hops.

 Foley Brothers Brewing Prospect

The Prospect is a lesser-known treasure. But it scores #5 in the tasting. It is equally hazy and juicy, sweeter than most beers. The low bitterness and lightly doughy malt make it comforting. It has pineapple and peach notes.

First Beer Festival

Tips on How to Enjoy Your First Beer Festival

So, you have researched and found a good beer festival. How do you enjoy your first beer festival? Not being well-rested and hydrated can increase the effects of alcohol on our bodies and can prevent us from thoroughly enjoying the festival. One of the tell signs of a good beer festival is that it has a lot of food and water available. You might also find media and press covering the event. Here are some tips that might help you to enjoy your first beer festival:


As with any other event, who you bring along with can make or break your first beer festival experience. Invite people who love beer as much as you do. However, be careful not to bring along people who are over-indulgers; they might get drunk quickly and ruin your event for you. Bringing people along has an added advantage – you can try more samples without overindulging. It is also essential to know that you belong there, even if it’s your first experience. There might be plenty of beer enthusiasts and geeks in a beer festival, and undoubtedly, they might know more about beer than you do.


beer festival

During a beer festival, it is important to be well-hydrated, and it cannot be stressed enough. Even though the samples of beer you try are only in small quantities, they can add up and get you drunk. This is a recipe for disaster, especially during warmer climates, where human bodies tend to dehydrate faster. Drink ample water between testing the samples; the rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water after two to three samples. If you are out with a group, encourage others to hydrate themselves to avoid any health issues.

Eat Well:

The food at the beer festivals is typically good – this is why you should try some. Be sure to eat well before all the sampling at the beer festival. This will help you from getting drunk trying the samples. It is also crucial that you eat well during the beer festival in between testing samples. However, be sure not to overeat – if you drink too much at the festival, chances are you might vomit all of it. An easy method to clear your palette in between samples is to eat pretzels. The bread and salt in pretzels clear your mouth and help nullify beer’s effect.

Sober Up:

When you are at a beer festival, you inevitably get drunk or intoxicated. You can wait in lines or sit somewhere to sober up a bit before trying more samples. If you are getting tipsy or have headaches, you might not be able to appreciate the beer samples you try. Take a break and hydrate yourself until you are ready to try more samples. You can strike up a conversation with another beer enthusiast during this waiting time.

Beer festivals

Best World Beer festivals

Beer has become a part of our popular culture. Today, if we walk into any bar, we will find groups of friends having fun and taking and sipping on chilled mugs of beer. We can also see numerous beer lovers traveling across the country to participate in beer festivals throughout the year. If you are such a big fan of beer, you may look into this list to find the world’s best beer festivals.



This beer festival, which has been happening in Munich since 1810, is the world’s biggest beer festival. More than 6 million beer lovers from different parts of the country come to Germany to participate in this beer festival. This beer festival is known for the 6.9 million liters of beer given to the people who attend the festival.

The traditional Bavarian costumes and mouth-watering German delicacies make the festival more striking. During this time, Munich will be hosting 14 different themes for halls, parades, and carnivals. In addition, Oktoberfest has recently become so popular that Germans in other parts are hosting their own beer festivals. You can attend this festival from late September to early October.

Belgian beer weekend, Brussels Belgium

If you are not fortunate enough to make it to Munich’s legendary beer festival, do not worry. You can visit the Belgian beer weekend that produces some of the finest suds, thus promising you with fantastic beer bonanza at the beer festival. What makes the beer festival worth visiting is that many breweries from around the country will come to this beer festival to show off their unique skills. If you want the best experience, you must visit the event held in La Grande-Place, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Great British Beer festival

One of the main factors that classify this beer festival is the fact that it is organized by Campaign for Real Ale, which conducts many other beer festivals in the country. Also known as the biggest pub in the world, this beer festival is conducted in the first half of August every year. This beer festival is attended by more than 60,000 beer lovers across the globe. But what makes this festival striking is its live entertainment features, pub games, and beer that more than 100 world-famous breweries offer.

Great American beer festival

This beer festival, organized in September, hosts over 2000 varieties of beers from the best Breweries in America. Moreover, a competition is held to determine the best breweries out of 3000 beers. The winner will be decided by a panel that consists of 100 judges.

Great American beer festival

Mondial de la Biere

If you are lucky to visit Montreal in June, you will be able to participate in this excellent beer festival. Being Canada’s largest beer festival, it will be hosted in Montreal’s largest auditorium. This will feature over 600 varieties, and more than 100,000 beer lovers worldwide come to the festival every year.

If you are a beer lover, visit these beer festivals to savor different varieties and unique beers made by the world’s best breweries.

Vermont Brewers Festival

Vermont Brewers Festival

Vermont is home to plenty of breweries that produce a wide variety of beers. Unsurprisingly the state also hosts one of the premier beer festivals in the World, The Vermont Brewers Festival. This weekend festival was first held in 1991. The festival has been spreading the taste for more than 25 years and is usually held on the waterfront of Lake Champlain. Visitors can sample various varieties of beer in this scenic location overlooking the Adirondack Mountains. The Vermont Brewers Festival is hosted by the Vermont Brewers Association and is the only festival hosted by brewers. At the Vermont Brewers Festival, you can enjoy a wide range of beers, live music, and delicious food. The festival is a crossroads for culture, music, and leisure among beer enthusiasts. For hardcore Beer enthusiasts, the festival is a time to meet and network with popular brewers.

The Vermont Brewers Festival is typically conducted annually during the month of July. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the association did not hold the event in 2020 and 2021. However, the festival returned with a blast in 2022 and was conducted in five sessions during July. The festival also hosted a farm-to-table tasting session on the weekday. The 2022 Vermont Brewers Festival was participated by some notable names in the industry, like, Foam Brewers, Black Flannel Brewing, and Foley Brothers. Visitors could buy tickets for the different slots as per their preference. One of the main differences between this year’s Vermont Brewers Festival and the other previous editions was that all breweries were not continuously present during the slots. Instead of committing an entire weekend to the festival, the participating breweries were free to choose their sessions and slots. The Vermont Breweries Festival offers a chance for local breweries to showcase their brands in front of the audience. Participating in the festival allows them to sample their new blends at a small-scale level. It is undoubtedly a crucial step in the branding and marketing of local breweries.

marketing of local breweries

If you are planning to go to the Vermont Brewers Festival next year, be sure to research the local breweries that are participating in the festival. This way, you can meet them and sample the unique blends they offer at the festival. Another critical point to keep in mind is to be well hydrated during the festival. Hydration ensures that you don’t get in between the sampling process. It is also beneficial to reach the venue early as the festival will likely get increasingly crowded as time progresses. The Vermont Brewers Association has a reputation for conducting the Brewers Festival regardless of the weather. Therefore, it is essential that you research the weather forecast prior to the event and dress appropriately. You must also be 21 years or older to be permitted to the event. Participants are required to have a valid U.S Driver’s License or Passport as proof of ID to be shown at the entrance.