First Beer Festival

Tips on How to Enjoy Your First Beer Festival

So, you have researched and found a good beer festival. How do you enjoy your first beer festival? Not being well-rested and hydrated can increase the effects of alcohol on our bodies and can prevent us from thoroughly enjoying the festival. One of the tell signs of a good beer festival is that it has a lot of food and water available. You might also find media and press covering the event. Here are some tips that might help you to enjoy your first beer festival:


As with any other event, who you bring along with can make or break your first beer festival experience. Invite people who love beer as much as you do. However, be careful not to bring along people who are over-indulgers; they might get drunk quickly and ruin your event for you. Bringing people along has an added advantage – you can try more samples without overindulging. It is also essential to know that you belong there, even if it’s your first experience. There might be plenty of beer enthusiasts and geeks in a beer festival, and undoubtedly, they might know more about beer than you do.


beer festival

During a beer festival, it is important to be well-hydrated, and it cannot be stressed enough. Even though the samples of beer you try are only in small quantities, they can add up and get you drunk. This is a recipe for disaster, especially during warmer climates, where human bodies tend to dehydrate faster. Drink ample water between testing the samples; the rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water after two to three samples. If you are out with a group, encourage others to hydrate themselves to avoid any health issues.

Eat Well:

The food at the beer festivals is typically good – this is why you should try some. Be sure to eat well before all the sampling at the beer festival. This will help you from getting drunk trying the samples. It is also crucial that you eat well during the beer festival in between testing samples. However, be sure not to overeat – if you drink too much at the festival, chances are you might vomit all of it. An easy method to clear your palette in between samples is to eat pretzels. The bread and salt in pretzels clear your mouth and help nullify beer’s effect.

Sober Up:

When you are at a beer festival, you inevitably get drunk or intoxicated. You can wait in lines or sit somewhere to sober up a bit before trying more samples. If you are getting tipsy or have headaches, you might not be able to appreciate the beer samples you try. Take a break and hydrate yourself until you are ready to try more samples. You can strike up a conversation with another beer enthusiast during this waiting time.