Beer and Food

Best Beer and Food Combinations

There is no combination like the one of beer and food. Beer and food are just two people who bring the best out of each other, like Laurel and Hardy.

Learn how to pair food with beer taste.

Here’s how:


Contrast particular food to the taste of the beer for some mouth-watering combos. Pair sweet foods like rice, pasta, starchy and sugary vegetables, crustaceans, cooked ham, and rare meat with bitter beer. These beers are acidic and savory, complementing the sweetness of the food.

Food with a slight bitterness, like grilled meat, herbal infusions, and acidic food, bitter salads, and artichokes, taste best paired with pale beers.

Beer and Food

Oily meats and most seafood taste best with beers with good alcohol content and tannins. Cheese also tastes best with such beers.

Also, you can use this method to cleanse your palette to the welcome next item.


Food that isn’t overpowering or is consistent with its taste requires structured beers. These beers are whole bodies with different elements.

Similarly, delicate foods pair best with beer with fewer elements.

It is also essential to pair fragrant foods with beers having the same or similar notes.

Tried and Tested Combinations

To help, we have provided some best tried and tested combinations. Try one of these and you will thank us later.

Light Lagers

Light lagers are pale in color and taste. They are hence crisp and refreshing. Since they don’t have a solid hoppy or bitter flavor, they are best to pair with spicy food. Here are some food ideas: Buffalo wings, French fries, Hot dogs, Noodles, and Fried fish. Instead, you can go for other light food too. For example, European light lager goes well with appetizers, lightly fried food, salads, vegetables, pizza, and stretched curd cheeses.

Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are a mix of wheat and barley grains. Hence they are smooth and light. However, some wheat beers are citrusy and have other fruity flavorings. This pairs best with spicy food, fruits, and desserts.

India Pale Ales

India pale ales or IPAs are famous in America more than in India. The reason is that they are the most famous craft brews made in the country. They are medium amber in color and are bitter. Some breweries add citrus or herbal tones to the beer to reduce the bitterness. There are also double IPAs with double the bitterness. Pair the light IPAs with sandwiches, steak, barbecue, Mexican food, vegetables, and medium-aged cheeses.

India Pale Ales

Amber Ales

Amber ales are deep reddish-gold beers. These vibrant colors make it a feast for the eye and pair best feasts. Go heavy with pizza, fried food, smoked pork, Jerk chicken, and Brisket. They have a sweet caramel taste and malt flavors to balance spicy food. They are not very sweet as they could oppose smoked meat. They have a balance and are also pleasing with their flowery aroma.

Dark Lagers

Dark lagers have roasted malts and caramel syrup. Hence they are sweet. The malts give the beer a nutty flavor. They are popular in Europe, so best pair them with European food. Some suggestions are sausages, Goulash, Bangers and mash, stews, red meats, roasts, medium-aged cheeses, cured meats, and desserts with residual sugar.