Beer Festivals

Beer Festivals of the World

We must celebrate beer. We don’t need a reason to celebrate beer, but if we must give a reason—we owe it to the makers.

Millions of people are involved in making a beer until it arrives in our hands. There have been multiple beer festivals followed worldwide to thank and honor the makers. Here we provide them to document and know for future use.


Beerfest Asia: Singapore holds this annual Beer Festival every June. The first festival was in 2008, attracting over 30,000 beer followers.

China conducts the Qingdao International Beer Festival.


Beerfest Asia


Oktoberfest: The largest known beer festival in Germany is Oktoberfest. It is a folk festival mainly. But so are many German beer festivals. They are primarily folk festivals that sell beer.

Cannstatter Volksfest: Cannstatter Volksfest is the second-largest beer festival in Germany and Europe.


The International Berlin Beer Festival consists of more than 2,100 different beers. They come from 86 countries.

United Kingdom

British beer festivals include quality and quantity. They include real draught ale, bottled beers, and ciders.

CAMRA: The festival runs by volunteers directed by local branches. It bears beer styles not available during the summer festival. It takes place every February.

The pubco Wetherspoon beer festival: The pubco Wetherspoon is a pub-based beer festival happening twice a year. It lasts two weeks. They have a variety of 15 to 100 beers.

GBBF: The Great British Beer Festival, or GBBF, is known for “nips.” It is one-third of a pint of beer. The Campaign organizes the festival for Real Ale.


  • The BAB festival takes place every year on the first weekend of February.
  • The Brewer’s association organizes Belgian Beer Weekend.
  • Karakterbieren Festival happens in Poperinge, Belgium’s hop-growing capital.
  • The Beer Passion magazine holds Beer Passion weekend each July.
  • The Christmas beer festival in Essen.

Czech Republic

  • Pilsner Fest is a big beer festival held every year in August.
  • Český Pivní Festival (Czech Beer Festival) is the most significant Czech beer festival. It happens for about 17 days long every year in May in Prague.


  • Festival of Good Beer happens every year on the second weekend of June. It is easily the third-largest beer festival in Europe.


Jerusalem Beer Festival: the Jerusalem Beer Festival is the largest and oldest. It serves 120 different kinds of beer.

American Beer Festival

North America 

United States

  • The Great American Beer Festival: This festival hosts and selects medal winners among breweries.
  • Garden State BrewFest: This festival celebrates the best local brewery. The GSBF is an outdoor beer festival. It happens on Mother’s Day Saturdays and sells beer-infused foods and the most sought-after beers in the world.
  • Brewtopia: The Great World Beer Festival, or Brewtopia, is the largest in New York.
  • The Oregon Brewers Festival is one of the largest beer festivals in the country.
  • Philly Beer Week: It is a 10-day series of beer events. These events happen on the first weekend in June.
  • The Great International Beer Festival happens twice a year.


Great Canadian Beer Festival: This festival hosts over 60 craft breweries.

Others include Toronto’s Festival of Beer, Lauder Beer Festival, Vancouver Craft Beer Week, and Ontario Craft Beer Week.

The Golden Tap Awards by The Bar Towel is an annual beer awards event. It honors microbreweries.


  • WA Beer Week, Elmar’s Food & Beer Festival, Perth Beer Festival, FeBREWary, South West Craft Beer Festival, and Sprung in the Alley Craft Beer Festival.
  • The New Zealand Beer Festival

 South America:

  • Other than Oktoberfest, OVIVA Cerveza takes place in Ecuador.


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