Vermont Brewers Festival

Vermont Brewers Festival

Vermont is home to plenty of breweries that produce a wide variety of beers. Unsurprisingly the state also hosts one of the premier beer festivals in the World, The Vermont Brewers Festival. This weekend festival was first held in 1991. The festival has been spreading the taste for more than 25 years and is usually held on the waterfront of Lake Champlain. Visitors can sample various varieties of beer in this scenic location overlooking the Adirondack Mountains. The Vermont Brewers Festival is hosted by the Vermont Brewers Association and is the only festival hosted by brewers. At the Vermont Brewers Festival, you can enjoy a wide range of beers, live music, and delicious food. The festival is a crossroads for culture, music, and leisure among beer enthusiasts. For hardcore Beer enthusiasts, the festival is a time to meet and network with popular brewers.

The Vermont Brewers Festival is typically conducted annually during the month of July. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the association did not hold the event in 2020 and 2021. However, the festival returned with a blast in 2022 and was conducted in five sessions during July. The festival also hosted a farm-to-table tasting session on the weekday. The 2022 Vermont Brewers Festival was participated by some notable names in the industry, like, Foam Brewers, Black Flannel Brewing, and Foley Brothers. Visitors could buy tickets for the different slots as per their preference. One of the main differences between this year’s Vermont Brewers Festival and the other previous editions was that all breweries were not continuously present during the slots. Instead of committing an entire weekend to the festival, the participating breweries were free to choose their sessions and slots. The Vermont Breweries Festival offers a chance for local breweries to showcase their brands in front of the audience. Participating in the festival allows them to sample their new blends at a small-scale level. It is undoubtedly a crucial step in the branding and marketing of local breweries.

marketing of local breweries

If you are planning to go to the Vermont Brewers Festival next year, be sure to research the local breweries that are participating in the festival. This way, you can meet them and sample the unique blends they offer at the festival. Another critical point to keep in mind is to be well hydrated during the festival. Hydration ensures that you don’t get in between the sampling process. It is also beneficial to reach the venue early as the festival will likely get increasingly crowded as time progresses. The Vermont Brewers Association has a reputation for conducting the Brewers Festival regardless of the weather. Therefore, it is essential that you research the weather forecast prior to the event and dress appropriately. You must also be 21 years or older to be permitted to the event. Participants are required to have a valid U.S Driver’s License or Passport as proof of ID to be shown at the entrance.

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