Craft Beer

Types of Craft Beer

How many types of craft beer can there be?

Many. Since we lost count of finding them, we offer you the list of some commonly known and must-know types here. Have a look, and you will be astonished.

1. American Lager

American lagers are light with little hop or malt presence. This quality makes them perfect for outdoor events such as fishing, camping, or kayaking. They are straw or golden colored.

It has an alcohol composition of almost 6%.

2. Vienna Lager

Vienna Lager is darker in color, primarily in amber shades. It has a light flavor. It has an alcohol composition of 4.5 to 5.5%.

3. Japanese Rice Lager

Japanese Rice Lager contains rice, as the name suggests. The rice flavor makes it unique with a dry finish and pairs best with sushi. It has an alcohol composition of 4 to 5%.

4. German Pilsner

German Pilsner is sweet and malty. It is flavored with a slight bitterness to balance out the sweetness. It has an alcohol composition of 5%.

5. Helles

Helles German beers are light-colored and sweet. They are slightly spicy, and their malt quality is bread-like. This composition makes them fuller. It has an alcohol composition of 5.5%.

6. Kolsch

Kolsch is spicy with an herbal infusion. They are similar to ales. This similarity is because they are made in ale temperatures using large yeasts.

7. Cream Ale

Cream ales are creamy with lesser alcohol content. They also little on carbonation. They are one of those hybrid beers brewed with ale yeast and finished with lager yeast.

Cream Ale

8. Blonde Ale

As the name goes by, Blonde Ale is blonde in color, similar to blonde ales. They are smooth in flavor and have no prominent malt or hop presence. The alcohol content range is from 4 to 5%.

9. Hefeweizen

German hefeweizen beers are 50% barley and 50% wheat. Hence they are light in color with a chewy texture. The yeast has a banana flavor, and some beers have a clove flavor attached. They have a cloudy appearance.

10. American Wheat

The American Wheat is the American version of German hefeweizen beers. They are clove flavored along with extra fruit elements. But they don’t have the cloudy appearance of German hefeweizen beers. Americans add slight bitterness to balance the flavors. They have 4 to 7% alcohol.

11. Belgium Witbier

Belgium’s Witbier is a wheat beer with oats addition. Hence they are dark and pale in color and have a cloudy appearance. The yeast makes it spicy, and the added coriander and orange peel give the fruity feel. The alcohol content can be as high as 7%.

12. Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse ales are a group of beers. They are farmhouse flavored with a crisp finish and reminders of wet hay. They are funky and low in alcohol.

Farmhouse Ale

13. Saison

Saison is a Belgian beer. It is the most popular farmhouse ale. They are extra yeasty-flavored and are generally light and crisp. Their alcohol content can be as high as 8.5%.

14. Session Beer

A session beer can be an IPA, pale Ale, and amber. It is easy to drink, light, and revitalize. They have an alcohol content of 5%.

15. American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale can be dark gold to amber. It is caramel flavored. Their alcohol content is from 4.5 to 6.5%.